Progress Team Recruitment

Equivalence is interested in the person behind the keyboard first and foremost. You aren’t just a name on a list to us; you are a person and you will treated as such. We do have very high standards in what we are looking for; we expect our players to maintain a positive attitude and to act with maturity and respect.

We don’t operate on the lowest common denominator of the internet where being strangers entitles you to be a total douche. You have a name and a reputation which transcend this thing called the internet, we expect you to act like such.
We also expect you to perform on your class to the best of your ability, and when that doesn’t meet the level of your peers, to go out of your way to research and explore how to get there. Our players pride themselves on knowing and playing their classes to the highest levels. Be teachable and be able to take constructive criticism.

What We Are Looking For

Recruitment into is something we take very seriously. We aren’t just looking for the best performers, we are also very much looking at the personality and teamsmanship of the recruit. Performance is a significant aspect of what we look for because of the challenges we tackle but our raid environment and team dynamic are just as important to us and a large contributing factor to both our success as a guild and our very high retention rate of our raiders. The rubric below provides a rough guide to what we are looking for and the best way to identify yourself as being EQ material:


Current Recruitment Needs



Healer Healers


Damage Damage Dealers






Minimum Average Item level: 925Apps

Experience: Legion Mythic Experience (EN/NH/TOS). Past Mythic experience will be considered.

Other Requirements: You must have (and use) Discord, a working mic and headset/speakers. You need a stable connection to our Chicago based server and a computer capable of running 20 man+ raids without issues. You must be able to make all of our raid nights to be eligible to be a Core Raider.

Age Requirement: You must be over the age of 18 to apply.

Required Addons are listed under Resources.

There is a high likelihood that you will be sat for another player during your trial process. The way you handle being sat is something we pay particular attention to. We expect nothing but the highest standard of maturity and teamsmanship.

Recruitment Process

Step 1: Fill out the Application below

Step 2: If we are recruiting for your class and we like what we see; one of our officers will schedule you for a chat over Discord via your Battletag. (You will need to set your Discord Voice Input settings to “Push to Talk” in order to be unmuted in voice).

Step 3: We’ll make a Trial offer if we like what we hear.

Step 4: Applicants will have a mandatory 2 week “Trial Period”. During this time attendance and performance will be reviewed. If successful, the applicant will be promoted to raider.  If you wish to “trial” with us without joining the guild first this is possible but all loot will be off limits until you join the guild.


This application will be emailed upon submission to our Officers who will contact you within 48 hours via the listed battletag. If you don’t receive word back, it’s because we’re holding off on recruiting your class for the time being.