EPGP Introduction

<Equivalence> uses the EPGP Loot System. Here is an explination from the EPGP website

EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. Effort Points (EP) quantify the effort each member put towards the, hopefully common, guild goals. Gear Points (GP) quantify what loot each member got back in return. Loot priority (PR) is computed as the quotient of the two:

Priority Rank = Effort Points ÷ Gear Points

The person with the higher PR gets the first say on loot. As a result, the more effort you put the more gear you receive. As a matter of fact, the gear you receive is proportional to the effort you put. EPGP is based on this simple principle, but there are some complexities that need to be dealt with which will be covered below.


In order to award recent effort more than past effort, which in effect avoids PR hoarding for veterans and enables new coming and dedicated members of a guild to be awarded properly, EPGP supports a decay mechanism. Decay simply removes a chunk of EP and GP from the totals, effectively leaving PR unchanged. For example with a decay of 10% applied each week, for each 7 days that pass your effort’s rewards get diminished by 10%. The effort you put 10 weeks ago will only be worth 34.8% of what it did when you received it ( (1-0.1)10).

Attendance and EP

Everyone accrues Effort Points based on attendance to raids and we base our system on this metric:

Participants gain 50 EP for being on time for raid, 50 EP for every 30 mins during raid and 50 EP for staying until the end of raid.

500 EP = Raiders who are on time, and are present for the full Raid.

500 EP = Standby Players who are on time and are online for the full Raid (regardless of being in the raid or not).

Notified Late (via Discord).

09:11 – 09:30 = 400
09:31 – 10:00 = 350
10:01 – 10:30 = 300
10:31 – 11:00 = 250
11:01 – 11:30 = 200


100 EP = Notified absence with an Officer response, minimum of one hour prior to raid (via Discord).

-500 EP = Absence with no prior notification.

We have a 10% Decay on points before every week of raiding to discourage point ‘pooling’ (Explained above).

Minimum Effort Points = 1000

Base Gear Points = 2000

You can check your status and ranking within the guild at this site: Equivalence EPGP Online.

Loot Selection

The addon we use to distribute gear is called RCLootCouncil with a EPGP Module  (see Resources). Making a selection on gear using the addon simply alerts the Loot Master (Sidhel) of your level of preference towards the item.


The awarding of the item is based off the priority of the items and if there are multiple people who need it, the person with the higher PR will receive the item (explained above). Each item type and slot has a preset value based on their relative importance to the strength of your character. Because your preference towards the item may vary we have determined that some selections are not worth the full value of the preset and are thereby discounted. Below in blue are the percentages charged of the preset full value and a description of the intent of the selection.


[Major]: This item is ideal for you. 100%gp

[Minor]: This item is an upgrade but isn’t ideal. 75%gp

[Upgrade iLvl/WF/G]: You have this item and want it to be better. 50%gp

[Offspec]: You want this for your offspec. 25%gp

[Greed]: You don’t need this item but you want it for transmog, etc. 0%gp

[Pass]: You don’t want this item.

[Note]: Lets the Loot Master know why you want the item. This helps with precise and effective distribution. Just click the Note icon and fill in the field.


[4 Pc]: This will get you your 4 piece bonus. 100%gp

[2 Pc]: This will get you your 2 piece bonus. 100%gp

[1/3 Pc]: This will get you tier to work towards bonuses. 100%gp

[N<H<M]: You have this tier and want it to be better. 100%gp

[Tier Swap]You have bonuses but want to swap slots. 100%gp

[Lottery]: You have tier but want a chance at an upgrade. 0%gp

[Pass]: You don’t want this item.

[Note]: Lets the Loot Master know why you want the item. This helps with precise and effective distribution. Just click the Note icon and fill in the field.



We have a fairly unique atmosphere in Equivalence which targets the strength of the group over the strength of the individual. We therefore encourage that you keep tabs on the needs of your fellow raiders and use your loot selections to help them out if they need it. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. I know many players come from ‘dog eat dog’ looting backgrounds and have experienced many abuses however things here are different. We are a team and we have each other’s backs and it only works if we all trust one another. You don’t want to be ‘that guy’.

Loot “Policy”

Equivalence expects each of it’s raiders to know what loot they can benefit from and also which loot is best suited for every slot.  This is commonly referred to as “Best in Slot“. We have a very unique philosophy about loot distribution here at EQ so let me explain.

We expect every raider to pursue the best possible gear for their own character in order to maximize the potential of that player’s output. With this being said we don’t subscribe to the prevalent ills of the “BiS” phenomenon. By this I mean that the individual acquiring gear is not our primary concern, instead our primary concern is the overall strength of the raid group as a whole.

We expect our raiders to: (A.) Not roll on upgrades in order to hold out for their BiS pieces and (B.) Not expect some entitlement or exclusive access when their desired piece does drop.

Loot drama is explicitly unwelcome in Equivalence. We are all adults here, and we expect everyone to behave as such. If you’d like to dispute any distribution issues we expect you to: (A.) Make Sidhel or Stoic aware of the situation privately and (B.) Move on from the situation once the issue has been responded to, whether or not you benefited from the review or not. All these concerns are reviewed by the entire officer crew and our decision is final. Any feedback on our loot system is welcome, please come talk to Sidhel or Stoic outside of raid but we request all feedback be constructive. If you see a problem, think of a solution too!