About Us

Our History

Equivalence is a new guild relatively speaking, however its ideas and members are far from new. The central core of players from Equivalence has been playing together for half a decade; united by friendship, common goals and an appetite for challenge regardless of what guild tag they wore. Much of the community of Equivalence was borne from our former guild: <Out of Mobs> where this group of players among others pushed for increasingly difficult achievements, and it is out of this crucible that our leadership was born, and developed.


Unfortunately OOM suffered what many guilds did during Mythic Blackrock Foundry and Equivalence members had to choose between joining other guilds and being separated, or to take the path less trodden; and start our own guild. It is because we truly enjoy raiding with one another, and our investment into our community that we decided to tackle the impossible. The same leadership which pushed its limits in Siege of Orgrimmar and achieved [Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream] founded Project Equivalence.

Project Equivalence

Equiv-a-lence: noun: the quality or state of being alike; the quality or state of having the same value, function, meaning, etc.

mango4Project Equivalence was born as an idea to mix several guilds together and form a strong team out of the best respective players. However as we began to scout for potential partners and raided Mythic Blackrock Foundry we increasingly found that we were having problems maintaining the high standards of playership which we held ourselves to; and naturally wanted to hold others to. We also found that even though leadership wasn’t problematic for us, the guilds we talked to were “our way – or the highway” and didn’t consider compromise even when they were potentially looking to gain 7 high caliber raiders from us. Half a dozen guild’s later we decided Project Equivalence really needed to be just <Equivalence> and we embarked on this journey of forming our own progression guild.

Our Philosophy

Equivalence is all about being a “raiders guild” namely: for the players, by the players. Our leadership are just regular raiders who have taken on the responsibilities of ensuring that the guild and raids function smoothly and effectively. Our guild structure is very ‘flat’.  Our players are the beating heart of our raids and we do encourage and harbor a team approach to loot. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. As a team it behooves us to ensure that those that need upgrades from gear, get them and this is accomplished by using the fairest possible loot system and players cooperating with each other and passing when someone else needs the item more than them. We aren’t a dog-eat-dog community. When we all have each other’s backs: we can trust one another.

We take drama very seriously here...this serious.

We take drama very seriously here…this serious.

Equivalence is a very mature guild comprised of mostly occupational adults, of which many have families, and a number of college students. There is zero room, or tolerance for drama (Pictured above). Everyone in guild is expected to act like an adult and to be capable of articulating themselves effectively especially under pressure. Constructive criticism and discussions are part of progression raiding, and our members are all held to the same standards and expected to take pride in their craft, but also be teachable. There isn’t a lot of room for ego in Equivalence; most of our players are former hardcore players who have been there, and done that, and this is our asylum from the pervasive toxicity of that environment.

Our schedule is one of the core reasons why we exist as an entity. We are one of the rare “unicorn” guilds which push progress as efficiently as we can while on a 2-3 day schedule. While we do have optional off-night content we respect and maintain our players’ desire to maintain a healthy balance between gaming and their real lives, especially our family folks. It is bearing that in mind that we try to be as flexible as possible on attendance while still expecting players to show for raids. We don’t have a specific attendance % requirement, but players who show are consistently absent or late are set to the “Standby” rank. They are eligible to re-earn their raider rank after showing a period of good attendance.

Because of our flexibility on attendance we also expect to run a larger roster than most guilds at our level to ensure we have all of our bases covered for raids. When we choose between players on Mythic we expect understanding and a mature response. It is in our best interest as a guild to develop each of our players to the best of our ability and maximize exposure to content, so that if we need a sub-in, we aren’t back at square one. We take full advantage of flexible raiding to include everyone we can; however when dealing with fixed size; we do our best, and try to make the best composition for each fight.

Rank System

One of our founding philosophies is the concept of equality so our rank system serves more of a functional role rather than a social one. We recently shed the boring rank names that every one else uses in favor of a more interesting theme. We chose a Roman military theme partly because of Rome’s part in founding our modern concept of Democracy but also because Mingler insisted we have the word Legion somewhere.

Trial – Conscript

Conscripts are those that wish to prove themselves and join our ranks. This is for those trialing with the guild with the hopes of becoming a raider. Typically this process takes 2 weeks or longer.

Member – Citizen

Our member rank. This rank is for those who are interested in the social aspect of the guild but not necessarily in raiding. Citizen is a name which emphasizes belonging somewhere and that captures the essence of what our members look for in being here. This rank includes members ALT characters.

Community Team Raider – Diplomat

This rank is dedicated to Raiders who are part of our Community Team. These raiders focus on maximizing fun on a limited schedule. Part of the role of these players is to be ambassadors of our philosophy and style to any players who may join us during our Friday runs and make the broader WoW Community a better place one acquaintance at a time.

Standby – Auxiliary

Auxiliaries were soldiers recruited from neighboring nations or tribes to bolster the Legions. This is our Standby rank, meant for those who are willing to raid when needed or who can’t meet the attendance requirements of Legionary.

Raider – Legionary

Made up of citizens, the Legions were the professional army of the Empire, charged with defeating its enemies. This rank is our main Raider rank and is reserved for those who regularly attend. Expansion theme fully intended.

Raider – Centurion

Historically Centurions commanded units within the Legions and we use this term to refer to our “Board of Trustees” rank. This rank comprises of former officers and advisors who are involved in the decision making of the guild on a broader scale.

Officer – Praetor

Praetor was a title granted to some to perform certain duties. Either leading an army into battle or a more managerial type role. This rank is for our officers who perform the various tasks needed to keep the guild and our raids running.

Guild Master – Consul

The Consul was the highest elected administrative and military leader. Responsible for dealing with various issues facing the Empire. Though historically the Consul outranked Praetors our GM works closely with our officers and function more as ‘Chairman’ or ‘Executive Officer’.

Elysium – These ephemeral fields were part of the Roman afterlife as a place where souls awaited passage over the river Styx. We use this rank as a place to hold members who have taken breaks safely without any impact on our world above.

 Our Leadership

Hargalaten – [GM] [Tank Officer]

Having a Thick Skin isn’t the only attribute a Raid Leader and Main Tank needs to have, and it certainly isn’t all Harg offers. Bearing the weight of the responsibility with ease; he makes sure we don’t bash our skull against things for too long and resolves problems as they pop up.

Sidhel – [Logistics Officer]

sidfinalAttention to detail, gold hoarder, unapologetic goblin iRL. Sidhel is the Master Looter for raids and distributes and tracks all loot handed out during raids. Sid also manages the guild bank and keeps ‘tabs’ on our expenditures.

 Yepah – [Recruitment Officer]

She thinks of herself as the “guild mom” and brings great balance to our leadership team. Her primary role is the cultivation of recruitment options and revitalizing our roster. You’ll find she also has an affinity for keeping our spirits high and encouraging stellar effort.

Aeviso – [Ranged Leader]

Sometimes you need a cool head and fiery passion; Aeviso has both. His love for the game, raiding and the guild is inspirational and his great attitude spreads faster than Living Bomb. He plays like he has ice in his veins when he’s not kindling warm fuzzy feelings. He’s charged up for a great time, he’s having a blast, and he’s cool as a block of ice.

Epiph – [Heal Officer]

The new boss of the Healer’s Union is here, better pay up or her wrath you’ll fear! Bringing life to our ranks isn’t all she offers, she rallies her team of time-tested death-stoppers. Responsible for organizing our abundance of healing tools, she makes sure we kill bosses without dying like fools.

Felgood – [Melee Officer]

In the chaos of melee he may be a blur, but for us he’s much more in the responsibilities to him we defer. He keeps us prepared with perspective from near, where others like him see only boss rears . His vision while blinded might seem to be lacking, but don’t be fooled he does see you slacking.

Stoic – [Officer]

stoicfinalFormer GM now retired. Stoic saw EQ grow into the full fledged Mythic guild it is now and then passed the mantle on to his trusted friends. Now having retired from his position and from progression he still stands with the officers and raid team as a standby player when we have any absences and as an adviser  behind-the-scenes. With a veritable army of alts; Stoic puts his diverse knowledge of classes to help recommend assignments and fill in any role during raids. Drama beware; ‘Agent’ Stoic still carries his “License to Kick”.

 Wrapping Up

The goal of every decision we make as a guild is for the single purpose of making Equivalence a place which bridges the gap between fairness and progress, and we are committed to aiming for the most player friendly solution. We want every member to feel like the integral part of the team that they are, and to enjoy raiding as a close knit community without the distractions of drama and immaturity all the while challenging ourselves to the hardest content in the game.

I hope that this helped you get to know us a little better and if you have any questions, comments or clarifications you can post them below, or you can contact our officers in game:

Hargalaten: (Battletag: ASTJ#1154) Druid. [Alts: Myrkskog, Ceidia]

Sidhel: (Battletag: Sidhel#1774) Rogue. [Alts: Sidergy, Sidistic, Sidism, Sidanide]

Stoic: (Battletag: Stoic#1806) Warrior. [Alts: Instíncts, Runes, Illusíons, Intuitions, Corruptions, Expectations, Vírtues, Hatreds]

Yepah: (Battletag: Yepah#1230) Druid. [Alts: Shaîde, Chagi]

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