Introducing the Equivalence “Community Team” Project

Our guild philosophy is something we take pretty seriously here in EQ; and so far we’ve only been exploring a part of what that philosophy encompasses. We started this guild with the goal to make a haven for mature and capable players who had all of the skillset to push progression but were limited by the host of ills that befall more hardcore guilds.

I couldn’t be more proud of the way we have realized this goal in such a short time and part of my vision for this guild is to make Mythic content accessible to those who, in other situations, wouldn’t be able to meet unreasonable requirements or don’t want to play in a toxic environment. The second part of my vision for EQ is to harbor a culture of enabling players to go beyond what they thought themselves capable of achieving, without making them change their own circumstances or limitations. We see the tip of the iceberg of this already but its something we want to continue to promote.

The amount of interest surrounding the Friday runs are growing steadily and as such we want to make a space for that and make sure each of those players feels every much as valuable as a EQ member as our Mythic raiders and Officers. What we will be doing going forward is officially making a space for the group of players who choose to run on Fridays only and officially hosting that run as the “EQ Community Team Run“. We have a lot of friends out there and are part of something bigger in the greater WoW community so we want to recognize that and also take responsibility ourselves to be the catalyst of growing and improving that community. We will be providing a new rank for the Community Team members called “Diplomat” both in game and in Discord. We want these players to feel a sense of belonging above the common denominator of Citizen. We also want to be celebrating the achievements of our Community Team in Discord and on our website and  using our great reputation on Zul’jin to attract new likeminded players to fill the Community Team’s needs.

 In officially hosting another team of players (with some crossover albeit) we want to be very careful to avoid the trap of “Team A” and “Team B” and it’s social consequences (As much as we can). We therefore will be nicknaming the teams based on function rather than any other alternative which could insinuate one team being better or worse than the other. Our Community Team’s function is to create an asylum for players who want a fun, light-hearted environment to tackle the challenges of raiding on a consistent but limited schedule as part of a wider initiative to bring likeminded players together. We recognize that in the current world of LFGcraft getting a group of likeminded players together to accomplish a goal without frustration is quite daunting and many don’t think it’s worth the effort. As such we want to officially create this space to fulfill that function for the Community Team members and friends of Equivalence.
Our Progression Team will continue to focus on it’s purpose which is to try to push the limits of what we are capable of achieving and competing with other guilds on the server in rankings.
One of the unique things EQ has to offer with hosting two teams is that we don’t have a leadership dilemma. Instead of having two sets of leaders and having to juggle the needs of both: we just have one team of Officers for both. Both Harg and I have always invested deeply in both worlds and are passionate about both.
I’m extremely proud that we have the caliber of people in every rank of our guild to make this possible without the prevalent culture of elitism and maintaining a high degree of respect for players who aren’t interested in pushing rankings.We’re excited to more fully develop our philosophy and continue to make EQ a great place for great people.